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Prodajem Buterfly PREORDER za 300 GH/s mining karticu
06-26-2014, 12:57 PM
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Prodajem Buterfly PREORDER za 300 GH/s mining karticu
Ovo sam platio i narucio 03.01.2014, trebalo bi da je stiglo u aprilu ali posto oni uvek kasne i dalje nije, tako da je ovo preorder i tako ga i prodajem kao preorder! Cena je 1500$ da se naruci sada i ko zna kada ce da stigne. Cena je 1100evra + troskovi carine koja je 20%, imajuci u vidu da je order star vec 6 meseci ovo je odlican dil. Ubacicu specifikaciju sa sajta prodavca. Postoji mogucnost da prebacim adresu primaoca na kupca, tako da ce stici direktno na njegovu adresu naravno ako se prvo izvrsi uplata meni, iz amerike stize za 3 dana max samo je pitanje kada ce biti poslato a nadam se ovih dana. PM za kontakt.

Performance Specifications

300 GH/s nominal performance ( + / - 20% )
175w (0.6w/GH conservative estimate)

USB 2.0 - Bitcoin Mining Monarch cards can be used as an external computer peripheral and chained via USB hub. In this mode it can be controlled via an Android host or standard Linux or Windows computer.
PCI-Express - Monarch cards consume two PCI slots when installed in a standard ATX motherboard. The PCIe format used is x1 for maximum compatibility.
Mining Software compatibility

EasyMiner software is provided for Android, Windows & Linux operating systems.
BFGminer - Open source available
CGminer - Open source available
BitMinter - Java Client
New 'BPU' Form Factor

Our new form factor is a significant advancement in bitcoin mining cost efficiency. The size, connectivity and power consumption have been tuned to allow effortless deployment using common off the shelf parts.

For example, in order to deploy 18 TeraHash into a single data center cabinet, you would need 30 Monarch cards. Each 3 fit nicely into a standard 4U rackmount enclosure with a basic motherboard & ATX power supply unit. 10 of these will fill an entire cabinet with no wasted space. It will also consume exactly the standard power and cooling capacity provided for a cabinet at most data centers.

That's 18 Terahash of bitcoin mining power in one cabinet with no expensive or proprietary parts, no exotic back planes, no oddball power systems and zero risk of part availability troubles to complicate maintenance.

Shipping Schedule

This is a Pre-Order product which is not yet shipping. If you're uncomfortable waiting until the development is complete and the product is shipped, do NOT pre-order this product. Perhaps undesirable, but this is a pre-order market. Customers flatly demand to get in line for the new technology before it's finished development. This has created a lot of drama for the manufacturers but it's something we simply have to deal with. All manufacturers in this space have experienced some degree of delay with their first generation ASIC. Every last one of them, so we're reluctant to give a specific delivery date. However, this is our second generation, so we have much greater clarity on the process and plan to begin shipments in June 2014. Orders are shipped in order date priority so any order placed now should be expected to be delivered in July.

Dimensions: Weight: 1 lb. 5.5 oz Dimensions: 12.4" x 5.5" x 2.36"

Warranty: This unit’s system board has one year warranty from manufacture defect or component failure.

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