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[KRYPTOLOGIKA] Trade silver-backed hash power for the best prices!
08-24-2014, 01:06 PM
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Rainbow [KRYPTOLOGIKA] Trade silver-backed hash power for the best prices!
Dear Serbian bitcoiners!

We launched last 08/08/14 for the Polish market. Now our website is available also in English for the wider community. We know that Bitcoin is growing strong in the Republic of Serbia!
We have competitive prices, reasonable maintenance fees and lots of TH/s to share with you! We are also promoting investing in physical silver, each TH/s is backed by 1 Oz of pure silver in the form of bullion coins (1GH/s = 0.001 Oz).

Please find our bitcointalk thread:

Should you need any further information just ask in the above thread or e-mail us on

Kryptologika Team

How does it work?

Using the services of the platform is simple and instant.

Registration on the platform in beta version requires a login, password, e-mail address and name. Once you confirm your email with an activation link sent to you, you will receive an account and deposit address. After transferring bitcoins you can buy and sell GH/s for the prices offered on the market. A price and volume chart is visible on the main page. Mining of bitcoins with acquired hashing power will start almost immediately with the next solved block following the purchase of the shares. You can make an offer to sell the shares on the market at any time. In both cases they are a source of bitcoins corresponding to the amount of GH/s minus the maintenance costs and changes in difficulty over time.

At this stage in beta version it is only possible to buy and sell shares for bitcoins. In the nearest future buying shares will be made ​​available for PLN, EUR, GBP and USD payable by bank transfer or by another payment processors.

Each power unit has unlimited time operation and has is protected by a "Residual value" liquidation of which will occur when the growth of computing power of the bitcoin network will result in no profit from mining due to costs of maintenance. The residual value is 0.0311 grams of silver for every GH/sec owned,that is one ounce of silver for 1 terahash (equal to 1,000GH/s). The value of the hashing power thus will never fall to zero and will correspond to the market value of silver at the time of redemption of the share. Settlement of the residual value will be made ​​no later than 30 days after the redemption of shares and may be made either in the form of a consignment of easily recognizable silver bullion coins to the address specified by the user or a settlement in bitcoins based on COMEX prices.

We invite everyone to read Terms & Conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at one of the following e-mail or


Purchase / sale of shares - 0%

Maintenance fee - 0.01175 PLN/Ghs per day
GBP 0.002255/Ghs per day (@ GBP 1.00 = 5.2149PLN approx. NBP av. exchange daily rate)
EUR 0.002804/Ghs per day (@ EUR 1.00 = 4.18PLN approx. NBP av. exchange daily rate)
USD 0.003755/Ghs per day (@ USD 1.00 = 3.1285PLN approx. NBP av. exchange daily rate)

Transaction fee for transfer of bitcoins to an external address - 0.0002BTC

*NBP= Polish National Bank

Technical Information on calculating awards:

When a block is mined, the system will determine an award and credit it to your account.
Awards for the block will be credited to your account after fifteen confirmations from the Bitcoin network
Each user’s award for the block is calculated using the formula:
Owned shares * block time * 1000 * block reward * 1014/ 232*difficulty
There is a maintenance fee that is deducted from the award generated by the shares
The fee for the maintenance of the shares is calculated using the formula:
Owned shares * Base fee per second * time in seconds * 108 / average price during block
Calculation and payout of awards for the block is delayed about 2.5 hours due to the time required to fully get block confirmed by the network.
Any balance of BTC is exact to one satoshi (10-8BTC)
Award and fee amounts are rounded to the nearest satoshi, downward for block rewards, and up for fees.
Awards and fees are processed with accuracy to the nearest second.
When shares are transacted, the new balance will be calculated within the next second after user confirmation.
The maintenance fee is calculated in PLN and charged in BTC.
The conversion rate is calculated using the daily average rate of exchange BTC/PLN at
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09-07-2014, 09:31 PM
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RE: [KRYPTOLOGIKA] Trade silver-backed hash power for the best prices!
Hi guys!

We have reduced our maintenance fees by 2% in September. We will be reviewing our maintenance fees further in coming weeks. By the end of the month our hashing power will be available also for fiat currencies thorough our business partners!.

Happy trading!

Price min/max, open/close:
0.00217 - 0.00217, 0.00217 - 0.00217
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